Enjoying the Great Outdoors with an RV Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel RV CampingEvery year, there are more and more individuals that take on to camping in the summertime for outdoor fun. There are various types of rv’s that can be used to sleep and camp in. One version of an rv is an rv fifth wheel.

An rv fifth wheel can vary in size, including width and length. There are some fifth wheel rvs that are small, while others tower over smaller rv’s. It should be noted what a fifth wheel is exactly. A fifth wheel rv is a trailer that is pulled behind a vehicle and has an overhang. Many individuals may see a fifth wheel being towed by a truck. Often times, there are such large fifth wheels that the overhang on it must be attached to the inside bed of a truck. Such a rigging on a fifth wheel is needed to stabilize the overhang, and prevent the fifth wheel trailer from over turning and swerving out of control.

Many individuals may think of a fifth wheel being utilized solely for camping purposes, which is not entirely true. There are many individuals that use special fifth wheel trailers to haul their vehicles as well as livestock. Many individuals will haul race cars, motorcycles, and the likes in a fifth wheel trailer. As much, a fifth wheel trailer can hold livestock, such as horses and cows. Such fifth wheel trailers have special vents on the sides of the trailer to allow proper air circulation for the animals.

Fifth wheel trailers for livestock can be purchased from farm equipment stores, while camping fifth wheel trailers can be purchased from many rv suppliers. They are often quite affordable, compared to motor homes, as the fifth wheel trailer must be pulled behind a vehicle, unlike a motor home that drives itself. That being said though, there are luxury fifth wheel trailers that can be of great expense, but by all means well deserved for the individual that chooses to purchase such a trailer.

As much, a fifth wheel travel trailer can often have more room than other rv counterparts. For example, in a fifth wheel trailer, there can be a master bedroom that can extend out of the trailer, whereas many regular rv’s can not provide such functions. Also, there is often a large window that is at the end of the fifth camper, which can provide wonderful views for those that are inside. Many manufacturers offer wonderful interiors in their fifth wheel campers, which include all the luxuries of being at home, such as a shower, a kitchenette, and other fine amenities. Manufactures thrive to bring the comforts of home to the road for campers that purchase fifth wheel trailers.

A fifth wheel trailer is clearly a fun investment for those that like to travel and are adventurous. Traveling the countryside with a fifth wheel trailer can result in finding new locations for families to camp at, as well as create fond memories. A fifth wheel trailer is indeed a trailer that is here to stay.