Understanding the Various Types of RV Towing Equipment

There are many RVs that travel the roads of the United States every year. Many people enjoy traveling in an RV, as they are seen as a home away from home. Although these portable “temporary homes” are used quite often, many individuals do not stop to think about the towing equipment that is needed when towing ther RV.

There is not a lot of towing equipment that is needed when an individual tows an RV. Instead, it is more important for an individual to focus on the quality of the towing equipment and to make sure that it is strong enough to handle the torque of the RV that is being pulled. One of the main things to focus on is that the hitch that is being used is strong enough for the RV. There are different hitches that are available to purchase. The size of the hitch will vary, and should be purchased in accordance to the size of the RV that is being towed. Therefore, the bigger the hitch, the larger the RV will be. Using a smaller hitch for the towing equipment when the RV is quite large can result in damages created to the RV as well as damages to the towing vehicle. Using the wrong hitch is bad for both the towing car and the towed RV. It is important to know how much weight is being pulled, as well as the weight that the car’s manufacturer says that the car can pull.

Another  needed item  for RV-towing is a T-one connector. A T-one connector is needed for the RV so that the towing cars tail lights can be “passed on” to the towed RV, thus the RV being towed will indicate the correct tail lights to the cars following or passing the RV. It is illegal to drive an RV without there being signal lights on the RV, too. The addition of a T-one connector is simple, and can often be placed onto the vehicle by an RV dealership, if assistance is needed. The T-one connector can be disassembled from the RV, for those instances when the towing vehicle is no longer towing the RV..

There are many places that sell RV towing equipment. The best location is an RV dealership. The towing equipment will often be in the main office/store. A sales clerk will often suggest that the towing equipment should be purchased at the same time as the RV itself. As such, there are many camping stores that sell towing equipment, as well as online locations that specialize strictly in towing equipment merchandise. Purchasing from a company that sells only RV materials will often have the most merchandise on hand. Due to this, many individuals prefer to buy their towing equipment from such industries.

It is evident that there is a lot of towing equipment to choose from when hauling an RV. Towing equipment is important and imperative to have for such tows. Comparing prices for the right piece of towing equipment can save an individual a lot of money for parts that are very much needed. Every RV has the correct type of towing equipment, and RV dealers should know exactly  which type you will need. Of course, you can always do your own research to find the exact type of merchandise you will need so that you can start touring the country with your towable RV.

One of the most important accessories is an auxillary braking system such as the Unified Tow Brake.