A Closer Look at RV Towing Tips

small rv towableRVing is one of America’s favorite pastimes. There are people that travel all across the United States every day, whether it is a family venture, or an individual going about an excursion alone. Even for the most seasoned rv traveler, there are rv towing tips that always come in handy.

There are many rv towing tips that are available to an rv owner. For example, there are only certain items that can be towed with certain vehicles. A towing guide is the best route to find out which items, such as an rv can be towed with which cars. Some vehicles have to have the proper horsepower to tow rvs. If there is not enough horsepower, a vehicle can receive irreparable damages to the engine, which can result in thousands of dollars of repairs.

A second important towing tip is to know how long the rv is. There are guidelines that exist with how long of an rv can be pulled with the tow vehicle. For example, a small truck can not pull a very large rv. Aside from the fact that the tow vehicle would not have enough torque in this situation, it is also a highly hazardous situation, not only for the tow vehicle driver, but for other drivers on the road. A small vehicle can not accommodate the weight of a large rv. Should this occur, the tow vehicle can become severely damaged. The overall goal is to prevent “fishtailing” or swaying of the rv while on the road. When there is equal leverage between the rv and the tow vehicle, there is minimal swaying, which makes for a much easier drive.

Another important factor for rv towing tips are the hitches. The hitches that are used when towing are very important. For example, a 5th wheel hitch is needed to stabilize the overhang of a fifth wheel rv. This is to balance the weight distribution, thus preventing any damages that may be caused from an unsteady rv at rest. It is important for an individual to know how to hitch and unhitch their rv. This way, when an rv is being towed, it will have the maximum security from a form fitting hitch.

One of the most important towing tips for an individual that is hauling an rv is to know the laws of the state that they are traveling in. This is particularly important for those individuals that are towing their rv thru several states. There are often height, width and weight restrictions that are placed on roads. Since the tow vehicles are often quite large, and then they are pulling even a larger rv, there is a lot of weight, height and width that is associated with such hauls. Traveling on a road that can not accommodate such towing vehicles and rv’s can result in dangerous situations, as well as creating violations against the law.

There are towing tips that are available on the internet, all of which are free of charge. Those individuals that are towing such large loads as an rv need to educate themselves with the rules and regulations of such tows. The more information that an individual has in regarding towing a vehicle, the better prepared they are to hit the road.