Unified Tow Brake

One of the most unique products available for an auxiliary system for towing is from http://drivetrain.com, and is called the "Unified Tow Brake". The unified total break from http://www.drivetrain.com features patented use of the towed vehicles own power brakes. It’s a remote control unit that allows braking from the cockpit of the motor home when you tow another vehicle with your motorhome. It provides both proportional braking and progressive braking.

Towing an RVWhen you drive a large RV, one of the most common needs is for good braking. One of the problems with towing the vehicle is that the amount of mass added to the vehicle by the towed vehicle greatly increases the amount of distance that it takes to stop. The primary way to try to get around this limitation is to install an auxiliary braking system.

A number of an ingenious auxiliary braking systems have been developed over the years. Nowadays the best such systems include a computerized control modules and some sort of vacuum brake fix assist. The vacuum assist allows the secondary vehicle that is the towed vehicle to use its own braking power to help the two vehicles stop.

However, there are very few products on the market that use the towed vehicles own power brakes. This is because the towed vehicle usually  doesn’t have its own power running while being towed. The unified total brake system actually does use the power brakes of both vehicles. It accomplishes this task by including a 12 V vacuum pump that mounts in the engine compartment of the towed vehicle that provides vacuum power to the power brakes of the towed vehicle. This means that the towed vehicle doesn’t have to have any cut in its vacuum line in order to be connected to the towing vehicle.

Other brake assist systems cut into the brake lines or the master cylinder of either the motorhome or the towed vehicle. This approach has undesirable side effects including that it voids the warranty of whichever vehicle has its brake lines cut. When a brake line is cut the potential is there for air to get in the line which could cause a disastrous failure at a critical moment.

The unified braking system avoids this problem by including its own vacuum pump which sits neatly in the towed vehicle’s engine compartment. Controlled by computer, this vacuum pump uses the towed vehicles own power brakes to add braking assist to combine with the vehicles.

In addition to all this, this braking system provides what the manufacturer calls both proportional and progressive braking. The approach allows for the amount of braking force to be applied by both vehicles in exact proportion related to the weight of each vehicle. Progressive braking (sometimes called modulated braking) means that when motorhomes brakes are applied a mirror affect occurs in the secondary vehicle. Therefore the amount of braking effect that occurs in the second vehicle is directly related to the strength of the braking in the primary vehicle.

So what does this all really mean? It means that for very little cost you can get the comfort of knowing that you have one of the best braking systems on the market. In fact, testing has shown that braking with this system can be practically as good (or even better than) braking without a towed vehicle attached at all.

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